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Invited Speakers
Dr Michael Smart
Hypersonix Launch Systems
Modern Developments in the Design of Hypersonic Inlets
Dr. Andrew J. Brune
NASA Langley Research Center
Arc-jet Overview, Modeling, and Uncertainty for Hypersonic Material Environmental Test and Evaluation
Dr. Sandy Tirtey
Director of Rocket Lab Australia
Rocket Lab’s HASTE vehicle – Electron for Hypersonic Flight Test
Prof. Zonglin Jiang
Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Theories and Technologies of Detonation-driven Hypervelocity Shock Tunnels
Prof. Hyungrok Do
Seoul National University
Optical Diagnostics in Supersonic Combustion Environments
Dr. Gerald Hagemann
Industry / Agency Cooperation to Face Challenges in Research
Prof. Ming Dong
Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Impact of surface roughness on hypersonic boundary-layer transition: from asymptotics to numerics
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