The 3rd International Conference on High-Speed Vehicle Science and Technology
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KSAS: The Korean Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences
    Founded in 1967, the Korean Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences (KSAS) is the leading professional organization for Aeronautical and Space Science in the Republic of Korea, with 5,500 members. The KSAS aims to promote the development of aeronautical and space science in the Republic of Korea through facilitating the interactions amongst members, supporting research activities, sharing up-to-date knowledge and discoveries, and educating the next generation and the public. The KSAS publishes monthly a peer-reviewed research journal, the Journal of the Korean Society for Aeronautical & Space Sciences.
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KSPE: Korean Society of Propulsion Engineers
    KSPE is an academic society comprised of the institutions and experts related to propulsion systems centered in the aerospace industry of Korea. Propulsion is the core technology that supports the development and manufacturing of the aircraft and space launch vehicle engines. Multi-disciplinary approach to science and technology forms the basis of the propulsion engineering that consists of thermo-fluid dynamics, combustion, innovative heat resistant material science, controls, and electronics. It is by far the most central technology within the greater aerospace engineering field.

    Activities of the society consist of
    i) promoting information exchange amongst propulsion engineers and experts,
    ii) providing advancement in the cutting-edge propulsion technologies that are non-transferable even among the allied nations, and
    iii) making an impact in the aerospace industry development.
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