The 3rd International Conference on High-Speed Vehicle Science and Technology
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With the submission of your full paper(s), authors accept the below guidelines
1. Authors retain copyright of manuscripts
Free to publish on ResearchGate, Academia, homesite...
Be aware that free public access to manuscripts make journal submittal afterwards difficult.
The HiSST organizer is authorised to publish the manuscripts in the conference proceedings.
2. Rights of conference organiser
The HiSST organizer is authorised to archive proceeding manuscripts.
Provide paid registered HiSST attendees access to the conference manuscripts up until the next HiSST conference.
Provide public access to the conference manuscripts following the subsequent HiSST conference.
3. Limited / restricted access to proceedings
Allowing authors the time to adapt their conference manuscripts for journal submittal.
Authors of the best conference manuscripts are invited to submit their manuscripts to CEAS Space or Aeronautical Journals, as well as two international Journals from co-host organizations: IJASS (Int’ J. Aeronautical & Space Sciences) from KSAS and JPNE (Journal of Propulsion and Energy) from KSPE.
Authors are free to independently submit their manuscripts.