The 3rd International Conference on High-Speed Vehicle Science and Technology
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International Technical Committee
  • Australia
    Prof. Vincent Wheatley (Univ. of Queensland)
  • Prof. Adrian Pudsey (RMIT University)
  • Brazil
    Dr. Marco A.S. Minucci (Institute for Advanced Studies)
  • Lucas Galembeck (IEAv)
  • China
    Prof. Xisheng Luo (Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Dr. Huan Lian (Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Europe
    Prof. Johan Steelant, Host of 2nd HiSST Conference (European Space Agency)
  • France
    Francois Falempin (MBDA)
  • Cedric Monjaret (ONERA, the French Aerospace Lab)
  • Germany
    Dr. Jan Martinez-Schramm (DLR, German Aerospace Center)
  • Dr. Moritz Ertl (DLR, German Aerospace Center)
  • India
    Prof. Mohammed Ibrahim Sugarno (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur)
  • Italy
    Dr. Gennaro Russo (DAC, Campania Aerospace District)
  • Dr. Marco Marini (CIRA - Italian Aerospace Research Centre)
  • Japan
    Prof. Masataka Maita (International Aerospace Consulting)
  • Dr. Tanno Hideyuki (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
  • Korea
    Prof. Yunghwan Byun (Konkuk University)
  • Prof. Jeong-Yeol Choi (Pusan National University)
  • Russia
    Prof. Sergey Chernyshev, Host of 1st HiSST Conference (TsAGI)
  • Dr. Nina Voevodenko (TsAGI)
  • United Kingdom
    Prof. Matthew McGilvray (Oxford University)
  • Dr. Luke Doherty (Oxford University)
  • United States
    Dr. Adam Siebenhaar, Committee Chairman (Mach 7H Consulting)
  • Dr. David Glass (NASA Langley Research Center)
HiSST 2024 Local Organizing Committee
National Representative, TC
  • BYUN, Yunghwan
    Konkuk University
Chair, HiSST 2024 LOC
  • CHOI, Jeong-Yeol
    Pusan National University
Committee Members
  • CHOI, Jongho
    Agency for Defense Development
  • DO, Hyungrok
    Seoul National University
  • HAN, YongMin
    Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)
  • HYUN, Seong-Yoon
  • JEONG, Shinkyu
    Kyung Hee University
  • JUN, Eunji
  • JUNG, Suk Young
    Agency for Defense Development
  • KANG, Sang Hun
    Konkuk University
  • KIM, Chun-Taek
    Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)
  • Kim, Ji Hong
    Korea Aerospace Industries, Ltd. (KAI)
  • KIM, Kyu Hong
    Seoul National University
  • LEE, Bok Jik
    Seoul National University
  • LEE, Ho-il
    Agency for Defense Development
  • LEE, Hyoung Jin
    Inha University
  • LEE, Hyung Ju
    Pukyong National University
  • LEE, Joonwon
    Hanwha Aerospace
  • Lee, Sang
  • LEE, Yung-Gyo
    Korea Aerospace Research Institure (KARI)
  • NAMKOUNG, Hyuck-Joon
  • PARK, Dong-Chang
    Agency for Defense Development
  • PARK, Gi-su
  • SHIN, Dong-hyuk
  • SHIN, Eui Sup
    Jeonbuk National University
  • WON, Su‐Hee
    Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)
  • YANG, Inyoung
    Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI)
  • BYUN, Yunghwan
    Konkuk University
  • KIM, Chongam
    Seoul National University
  • SUNG, Hong-Gye
    Korea Aerospace University